Sweater Girl Leggings

As promised, here are the leggings I made in a jiffy for Petunia yesterday. I followed this tutorial over at crafting a green world . She did such a great job with this tutorial, I have nothing to add! So I have pointed you to her site if you would like to try this. Do it! It’s so easy…

Here are a few pics of the progress of the project:


My computer apparently doesn’t like the photo of the step where you turn one leg (sleeve) inside out, put the other leg right side out into the inside out leg and sew the crotch seam. It won’t upload it from my camera. :( But that’s what would go here!


Then you put your elastic in the waist, attaching a safety pin to thread it through the opening you have left in the waistband. Sew the elastic together, sew the opening shut and voila!


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